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The Rain Dont Hate at All...

So life back at home isnt as great as I thought it'd be...Everyday Im reminded how much of a pathetic loser I am by my stepmom...It makes me just want to either, 1)Move out again or 2)Just fucking die. Im so sick of all this bullshit. I am constantly stressed out. I cant find a job because well lets face it, who wants to hire a 18 year old, non-graduate, who worked at a shoe store for like only 3 months? No one thats who. Also to make things worse is Tracy keeps telling me shes going to kick me out again if I dont get a job within the next week or so. This is doubly scary cause I have NO WERE to go...Since Cameron left I have no where that I can stay for more then 2 weeks...

Im so scared and theres nothing I can do about it...

Well thanks for reading my stupid problems...

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