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"Fire On the Water Dont Burn My Soul...

Days fluxuate from being great to shit lately.

Every time I see something great, something shitty happens...

I fight with Candice all the fucking time, because of this whole Joe situation.

He still calls her.
He sends her roses from time to time.
He still tells her he loves her.
He still messages her.

All this bullshit is still going on and its driving me up a fucking wall. I mean, I just wish that there was a way out of this shit but apparantly there isn't.  Most of my thoughts are now consumed on more fucked up ways to kill someone who  I considered my best friend for a decade. The one person I can honestly say knows the MOST about me. I just wish it would fucking end.

Work is fucking me over too, next week a have a grand fucking total of 8 hours! Time for a new job I think. Im giving my manager John a week when he gets back next wed. to fix things or Im gone, Im currently looking for a new job. On the other hand, if anyone has some free time during the week and want to hang out Im available!

Please someone save me,
If you want to contact me my number is 582-1206...Thats an 805 area code kids...

Until next time kids.
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